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Room Reservation

Please Enter your USC email address and USC ID below.

Note: This function is available only to instructional staff in basic modern language programs.  If you are having trouble logging in and require assistance, please contact us.


By Submitting Your ID Number, You Agree To The Following:

If this request is approved, I will be personally responsible for enforcing room usage policies.  All equipment must be used with a room reservation and must stay within The Language Center.  I understand that I will be charged for replacement of missing equipment and repair of damaged equipment due to personal or group negligence.  I will not consume or permit consumption of food or beverages in the room or viewing area during use.  My USCard may be required at the front desk before I can use the room. No other USCard but mine will be accepted.

Failure to adhere to this agreement will result in immediate removal from the premises and loss of privileges for myself and my affliated department or program for a minimum of one (1) regular academic semester.